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3 March
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Hey there! Yumiko here!
This journal is for community spamming, music catching and talking with friends. Wanna be my fried, too? Sure, let's get started :)

All my friends call me Yumiko. My real name is Dana, so you can use this, too ;)

There are some close friends who have a lj too, so I'd like to honour them here for being there for me.
Momoko: Ane-chan, thank you! We always solve problems together, even when we've known each other just by Skype and lj! XD Thank you for being a helpful and caring friend for over ten years now.
Eleyn: How many times did we write "Hello my dearest friend"? ^^ I don't know and don't care! Thanks for having your friendship!
Pupina: Dear, you always can write or comment to me. I'm happy to listen to your problems. Don't worry! We can make it!

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